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We’ve been friends for over 20 years. We started this blog to help parents of teenagers and young adults.  Between the two of us we have 3 boys and 2 girls ranging in age from 13- 23 years old.

There’s no guidebook for the teenage years and we know firsthand how stressful it can be trying to figure it all out. 

So we’ve gathered some helpful resources  to help you through it.  We’ve included shopping  websites so you can save and stay in your budget, links to college scholarships sites, and some fun gift guides for your teenager! 

Oh and we’ve written some helpful blog posts too. Check them out below. 

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Gift Guide for Your Teen Boy|ww.yayas2cents.com
Gift Guides

Gift Guide for your Teen Boy

Gift Guide for Teen Boys Buying gifts for my boys has always been really fun.  One thing that we have really tried to instill in them is a sense of gratefulness.  This is not always easy in this day and age.  Some ideas that have worked for us are listed below.  Each time the boys make money, whether it’s allowance, money they’ve earned at a job, or gift money for their birthday, we ask that they save some for gifts that they might have to purchase in the future.  This shows them that what they save matters.  And, when they

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Teen| www.yayas2cents.com
Just for Moms

11 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your Teen!

“Must Have” Stocking Stuffers  Stocking stuffers are my favorite way to give gifts to our boys! I know I have many fond memories growing up as a child of Christmas morning and running to see what was in my stocking. One of my favorite Christmas memories was receiving a printout of the safety features of a car in my stocking.  I asked my parents if it was there by accident because it was a car that we didn’t have at the time.  Turns out that they had gotten this car for me to take back to college.  I was sooooo

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Budget friendly gifts
Just for Moms

Budget Friendly Ideas for the Holidays!

Are You Ready to do More with Less this Holiday Season? There are many ways to celebrate the holidays.  I tell myself every year I’m going to save up or shop early and it never fails, life intervenes and my budget is shot.  Sound familiar?  Here we are just 2 months out. There is still time to plan!  I’ve have been searching the internet and asking friends for ideas on ways that they spend their holidays, and surprisingly, most of their favorite gifts don’t cost anything, or at least not much. (note: there are affiliate links in this post to help

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6 Books You Should Read if You're the Parent of a Teenager|www.yayas2cents.com
Just for Moms

6 Books You Should Read if You’re the Parent of a Teenager

6 Books To Read When Raising Teenagers, In No Particular Order I was thinking the other day about all the information in my head about raising kids, teenagers in particular. I am a such a reader, that it is really hard to pin down my favorites, because I rarely meet a book that I don’t like.  We are all looking for answers, strategies, and ideas to try.  I tried to think about where I have looked over the years to help us when we were frustrated or upset, or just needing a few pointers.  When it comes to parenting, here

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College and student loan debt is crushing
College Prep

The Truth About College and Student Loan Debt

There are many reasons that you should be making plans for the future. Does your child’s future include college?  One big reason to begin making plans for college is MONEY!!! Something else to think about is that your child’s future will greatly be affected by the choices he or she makes today.   These two factors were at the top of the list while our oldest son was deciding on a college. 42 MILLION students owe $1.3 TRILLION in student debt!!!! This number is astronomical already and is growing with each semester.  Make decisions based on the amount of money

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