Hey Fellow Yayas,
We’re Ann and Mel, moms blogging for fun and to help our fellow yayas out in everyday life.  Our goals are to be good wives, moms and to enjoy life.  We have really enjoyed working on this blog, and we hope it helps you even in some small way so that you will visit us again.  One reason we love blogging is the ability to make a little money at this hobby that we have discovered.  It will help cover a few of our expenses and that will help us to continue providing content to you, our readers.

So, as per FTC Regulations, we would like to let you know that we do have affiliate links throughout our blog.  The links provide us with a small percentage of commission, but do not cost you anything extra.

Privacy Policy:
Additionally, if we ask for your email address or any other information from you, we will guard it closely, and it will not be shared in any way.  We won’t spam you or sell your information. We would love to build your trust and create a community for all who join to find support and success as we travel through our lives together.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at melandann@yayas2cents.com