Teen Troubles? 5 Simple Steps That Will Help!

Teen Troubles? 5 Simple Steps That Will Help!|yayas2cents.com

DISCIPLINING IS A CHALLENGE! Do you find yourself yelling at your kids all the time?  Are they ignoring you?  Do they spend all of their time on games and other devices?  Have they stopped showing you any respect?  We have gone through all of this and more with our boys.  Here is some hard-won advice that might hopefully help as you move through these years with your teens. *I talked with one of my boys last night as I was finishing this post.  We talked about a time a few years back when we caught him sneaking out, lying to …

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5 Positive Parenting Techniques


  Chapter 1 (Affiliate links are included in this post) I’m in the process of reading  U Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life) Daniel Lerner and Alan Schlechter, MD. They teach a course at NYU on the “Science of Happiness” which is one of the most sought after courses on campus.  It’s a “how to” guide on how to thrive in college and beyond.  Yes, positive psychology is all around us and it’s probably because our culture is thirsty for it.  But let me say, by page 30, I was hooked.  This book really should be used in our …

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