Gift Guide for Teen Boys

Buying gifts for my boys has always been really fun.  One thing that we have really tried to instill in them is a sense of gratefulness.  This is not always easy in this day and age.  Some ideas that have worked for us are listed below.

  1.  Each time the boys make money, whether it’s allowance, money they’ve earned at a job, or gift money for their birthday, we ask that they save some for gifts that they might have to purchase in the future.  This shows them that what they save matters.  And, when they are shopping for gifts for friends or family, it means so much more to them that they are contributing to it themselves.
  2.  When our boys receive gifts, they are required to write thank you notes.  This is not something that they enjoy, but they still have to do it.  Sometimes, I am better than others at reminding them to do this, but I feel like it is so important to show gratitude to others for taking the time to purchase something that they like or enjoy.  Most gifts cost money as well, so that needs to be appreciated as well.
  3. My boys have to think ahead and purchase gifts for one another.  They really put a lot of thought into this process, and it’s been fun over the years to see what they come up with.  Usually 2 go in together for the third boy, and so they work together, which is also really fun to see.  Sometimes they purchase gifts, and occasionally, they will make gifts.  They also are supposed to get my husband and I each something, usually with help from us:)

We make a big deal about Christmas and birthdays around here, which is so fun as we go through the year.  I am so looking forward to having our college boy home for the holidays and doing all the fun activities that surround the season.

We hope that you enjoy the list of guy gifts, and that they help you as you shop for your sons! Also check out our gift guides for teen girls and ideas for stocking stuffers!(Affiliate links below)


1. Remote control helicopter–  These have been a favorite at our house for years.  The boys will fly them inside and out.  They will also have helicopter wars which is very entertaining.  Very easy to use, too!  They taught me to fly one a few years back.

2.  Nike sweatshirt–  My boys love all things Nike.  This is a great dark color that I like without being black.

3.  GoPro HERO Session–  My middle son has one of these, and the boys have had a great time experimenting with it in many situations.  It is waterproof up to 33 feet as well.  This is surprisingly affordable, starting at $140.

4.  ENO Doublenest Hammock–  This is built for 2.  So much fun for camping, hiking, and just plain lounging. They are very sturdy and comfortable.  I dare you to climb in and not fall asleep when your son isn’t looking!

5.  Virtual Reality Headset–  Pansonite has worked for over 2 years to improve on these 3D glasses.  They are supposed to be great for VR games and 3D movies, and they will work with both iPhone and Android  smartphones.  I thought these were super expensive, but they are only $35.99!  I have 2 boys that are wishing for these this Christmas:)

6.  FitBit Charge 2–  This watch is a great way for your teen to track workouts with pulse and heart rate monitoring.  It has lots of other features including alarm, text and calendar notifications.  A bit more expensive, but does have lots of capabilities.

7.  Wireless Gaming Chair–  These can connect to other chairs for a great gaming experience.  This could be the only furniture in my basement and the boys would be thrilled.  This is their dream gift this year.  Not sure it will happen, but they can hope!

8.  Gym bag/backpack–  Converts to be either a gym bag or backpack.  It’s water and tear resistant which is great for something that will be thrown around.  It comes in 4 colors.

9.  Dart board with 6 darts–  We have one of these, and our boys love challenging each other to a game.  Great game that is not electronic!  I’m sure there will be a tournament or two during the holidays!

10. LCD writing tablet–  This is a fun thing to have around just to sketch on.  Fun for any age.  Tic-tac-toe can be never-ending on this.

11.  Soft air FN Scar–  Like guns or not, boys will be boys.  Many an air soft war has been had in our backyard and neighborhood.  My boys said the list would be incomplete without including this.