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We’ve been friends for over 20 years. We started this blog to help parents of teenagers and young adults.  Between the two of us we have 3 boys and 2 girls ranging in age from 13- 23 years old.

There’s no guidebook for the teenage years and we know firsthand how stressful it can be trying to figure it all out. 

So we’ve gathered some helpful resources  to help you through it.  We’ve included shopping  websites so you can save and stay in your budget, links to college scholarships sites, and some fun gift guides for your teenager! 

Oh and we’ve written some helpful blog posts too. Check them out below. 

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Teen Troubles? 5 Simple Steps That Will Help!|yayas2cents.com
Life Prep

Teen Troubles? 5 Simple Steps That Will Help!

DISCIPLINING IS A CHALLENGE! Do you find yourself yelling at your kids all the time?  Are they ignoring you?  Do they spend all of their time on games and other devices?  Have they stopped showing you any respect?  We have gone through all of this and more with our boys.  Here is some hard-won advice that might hopefully help as you move through these years with your teens. *I talked with one of my boys last night as I was finishing this post.  We talked about a time a few years back when we caught him sneaking out, lying to

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College Prep

Parents: Are You asking Yourself “How Will We Pay for College this Fall”?

Have you saved enough for your child to go to college debt free? If yes, I applaud you.  If not, maybe you’re just like me, hoping to find scholarships to help offset the cost and future debt for your kiddo.  I hear and have read lots of stories of how people pay for 100% of college with grants and scholarships. I am in the midst of trying to figure out this process with my daughter who is a college freshman. Paying for college is ridiculously expensive.  For the amount it costs today, I could have gone to college 5 times over.

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The Global Aussie Liebster Award-We have been nominated for this wonderful award by being helpful to our readers:)|yayas2cents.com
Just for Moms

What is the Global Aussie Liebster Award?!

We’ve been nominated for our blogging! February is the month of love.  Boy are we feeling it!  Back in December, we were nominated for the Global Aussie Liebster Award!  This is a peer recognition initiative to discover and encourage new blogs.  We were so excited and thrilled by this!  At that time, we were in the middle of crazy holiday happenings, and decided to wait awhile to mention this in its own post.   We were nominated by a previously unknown-to-us, fellow blogger Diane Kubes.  I grabbed a quote from her “About Me” page which sums up what she does in

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Talk with your teen about College Budgeting|www.yayas2cents.com
College Prep

How to Plan a Budget with Your College-Bound Teen

Do you have a senior in high school who’s thinking about college? We do, and I am so glad that I have been here before so that I know what to expect!  The biggest concern for us, and many others will be all of the expenses.  Here are some things that we learned the first time around, as well as some things that I wish we had known.  *affiliate links are used below Make sure that you and your senior are on the same page about all expenses. There are the expenses that you know about.  There will always also

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Give yourself gifts|The gift of 4:15|www.yayas2cents.com
Just for Moms

Give Yourselves The 4:15 Gift

Hello friends! I just woke up from a long winter’s nap with you all on my mind.  I wanted to give you all a gift.  A gift from Ann and me.  Actually, I want you to give yourselves a gift, the gift of self-care.  Here are the thoughts from my head on this eve of Christmas eve. First, give yourselves the gift of REST. We moms have a tendency to be the first up and the last to bed because we see it all, know it all, and seem to be the only ones who can get the most accomplished

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7 Helpful Ways to Support Your Student|www.yayas2cents.com
High School

7 Helpful Ways to Help Your Student Finish the Semester Strong

Help your Student Finish the Semester Strong Right now our students are super stressed with school.  Whether they are in high school or college, doesn’t matter, they are maxed out.  Now if your middle schooler is anything like mine, he’s just stressed out about having to get up and actually go to school (insert rolling eyes). So, what can we do as parents to help our kids through this crazy time of year?  Here are a few ideas…  (affiliate links are used below, please see disclosure page)   Be positive! Encouragement is helpful, and can go a long way towards

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